Gran Dôkô Sawani Makan has practiced martial arts for over 30 years. He has trained with numerous experts and martial arts teachers worldwide.

Provided with an instinctive sense for combat and a strong creative mind, Sawani Makan deeply feels that he has the vital need to know his culture; his origins which unconsciously “dictate” his form.


Passionate for Guyana and conscious that the blood that flows in his veins is before all Amazonian, he took it upon himself alone, and over ten years a research on the Amazonian Warrior Arts: Amazonians, Bushinenge, and Creoles.


Afterward, he gets in touch with universities (historian, ethologist, anthropologist, musicologist, sociologist…) in order to further his research. Animated with a constant desire of sincerity, he approaches the “Guardians of the Tradition”:  customary chiefs, warriors, Paje (native shaman), and Obiaman (bushinenge shaman), who initiated him to the native world...


To reconnect with himself and his ancestors, the Gran Dôkô takes a trip to the African land...


The completion of this journey is DJOKAN.




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