There is also a progression in the teaching of Djokan. Therefore each person can progress in the learning process of the martial art and contribute to the development and the spread of Djokan.  In order to give a quality education, different levels of instructor levels are offered to executives and future executives of Djokan.

1st Level: Initiator (Initiation, discover the discipline) 16+ years old.

2nd Level: Instructor (teaching of Djokan) 18+ years old.

3rd Level: Head Instructor (teaches/trains 1st and 2nd Level about Djokan, national internship)

4th Level: Master Instructor (teaches/trains 2nd and 3rd Level about Djokan, conducts research, international internship)

Precision, there is no obligation to teach. A djokanka may want to stay active because he is fully developing in the discipline. Nevertheless, for those who want to go further teaching is fundamental. Because one can assess its expertise if one is able to explain and teach. You will see that often to understand is one thing, make someone else understand is another. And if you do not succeed it maybe because you do not really understand. You understand, teaching is also a form of learning and development that requires more demanding work on yourself.

Djokan is first of all about sharing, exchanging and by teaching it one contributes.

  Levels of teaching

  Levels of practice






   16 years old.

Management of a discovered section.



Older than 18 and 5 years’ experience.

Management of a local DJOKAZ internship.




8 to 10 years of practice.

Management of one or more national DJOKAZ internship.



20 to 25 years of practice.

Management of one or more international DJOKAZ internship.

This table gives an initial assessment. Obviously everything will depends on the intensity and sincerity that you put in your workouts. There are, however, exceptional cases for geographically remote practitioners and experts from other disciplines who wish to learn and teach DJOKAN. A meeting and an evaluation of martial skills will be organized by the Gran Dôkô.



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