The Djaka is a series of exercises specific to Djokan. It is one of two disciplines with the Gaya forming the Djokaya. These are inspired from the motor skills and movement of Amazonian animals. The Gran Doko has   observed animals for a long period of time and has used their motor skills and their agility to create exercises for bodybuilding and reinforcement. In his investigations, an old native had told him that: “Each animal has some valuable things to teach us, a gift to pass. You must observe them and respect them.” This is what the Grand Doko Sawani Makan had realized after the advice from the wise man.

Work with the weight of the body, it naturally strengthens all muscle-tendon chains.

A session of Djokan starts with cardiovascular warm-up and follows with Djaka for mental and physical reinforcement.

Here are some Djaka:



  • Kayman (the black caiman)

  • Kawen (the leatherback turtle)

  • Kalicha (the crab)

  • Mabouya (the frog)

  • Léza (the iguana)

  • Zanguy (the eel)

  • Kwata (the monkey)

  • Tig (the jaguar)

  • Zagrignen (the spider)

  • Koulèv ()

  • Aganman (le caméléon)

  • Fronmi (la fourmi)



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