The SWEKO is a discipline involving cardiovascular work based on the different techniques of Djokan. It allows for the development of aerobic resources, motor coordination (Improving Djokan movements), the release of energy and muscle-psychic explosion.


The origin of the word SWÉKÒ


SWEKO is a word made up by the Gran Dôkô Sawani Makan.

It is composed of two creole words: « swè » which means to sweat or transpire in French; The second is « kò » which signifies the body.The Gran Dôkô remembered an expression which a sports doctor told her: “A sweaty body is a healthy body.” It could be the motto of SWÉKÒ.


Natural physical qualities (strength, speed, endurance, flexibility) are obviously addressed. Each technique will work to solicit one or more muscle groups in order to reinforce, tone, refine, and develop.



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